Bottled Misery

You squeezed my hand tighter

as the tears began to flow

You softly spoke to me,

so no one else would know

“I toss and I turn

Lying there awake

Knowledge of once was

Keeps my mind at heavy stake

Help me, please

Distract me somehow

I don’t care when

and I don’t care how”

I guided you, quickly, through the clouds

and beyond the moon

to a place free of heart ache;

a place free of doom

These tragic times call for tragic measures:

A teaspoon of guilt

Half a cup of sorrow

A quarter glass of misery

Plenty to drown tomorrow

Just a dash of heartache

Three pints of confusion

A gallon of frustration

Enough to create an illusion

Our potion was created

The past was left behind

Your memories left untouched

Enough to ease your mind

Your fingers twitched

when I grabbed your hand

as I gently whispered,

“No one will understand”

Our ever changing lives

leave us much like any other

Except for that fact

that we lost our only brother

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