Why I Love to Cry

Some people can’t handle it when others cry. They panic and end up doing one of those “there, there..” pats. Or they overcompensate and try to make it better as they coo, “Shhhhh don’t cry, don’t cry..”

Some people see sadness as an awful emotion to witness and feel. Something caused you to react this way and it most likely wasn’t positive. You feel and are seen as broken.

I, for one, love to cry. At this point time you may be screaming in your head, “Why?!” or “Sadist!”. Well, I shall open your eyes to the wonderful world of sadness and show you that no emotion has ever felt more satisfying

You are raw af tumblr_inline_mg7pfzDfjM1rcivyhWhen you cry, you are at your truest, most natural, and vulnerable form. This is you, feeling any and all emotions under the sun: happy, sad, hurt, lost, angry, etc. You are raw af, baby. Embrace it. Whatever bullshit facade you may have presented to the world has faded away to reveal a spectacularly beautiful human being who has emotions and feelings like the rest of us. You can truly say “This is me

You become closer whoever you’re crying togiphy

This is why I love to see sadness. You are allowing someone to witness you in your rawest form, and letting them into your heart. And vice versa. It’s amazing to feel completely uninhibited without holding a single drop back. Allowing someone to know what makes you hurt is one of the most intimate things you can do. And you can do the same for others. Even if you have no idea who this person is that’s bawling their eyes out to you while you’re trying to figure out if you can afford drinks tonight. You may have been the release they needed. You should feel kinda special that they chose you to open up to. Cherish those transparent water balls flowing down their face. And maybe invest in some tissues.

Chicks dig it 785832

Who doesn’t love a crying man, amirite? “He’s broken, and I can fix him”. Yeah yeah we’ve all been there, ladies. But seriously. Men become more attractive when they cry. Not that they’re only hot when they spew H2O from their crying sockets, but it adds to the existing attraction. You’re witness them at their most vulnerable state and that is beautiful to see, no matter what gender. They trust you enough to let you in. And who knows… Sad City may turn into Hot and Steamy-ville 😉

You feel better afterwards giphy-1

After you finish a crying session, most of the time you feel a sense of accomplishment. You felt an emotion, rolled with, coughed up a couple snot balls, lost approximately 69.99% of your body’s water supply, and boom you’re done. Maybe it was the mime cry: where you make no noise but very large gestures. The angry cry: where you just yell the entire time. Or the foreign language cry: where you are crying so hard and try to talk but your words are so jumbled and unrecognizable that it sounds like a foreign language. Whatever type of cry it may have been, you can feel better knowing you got it out of your system. Sometimes you need that. To let out whatever your feeling and go about handling the situation.

It can only get better from heredmzg5k

When you’re in the midst of your cry fest, it feels like your world is falling apart. Nothing will be as bad as this ever in your life. Whether it’s a breakup, losing a loved one, being hurt by a friend, or just an anxiety overload. Whatever was weighing you down is now out of your system and you can deal with it. Shit happens in life, believe me. And crying about it feels amazing, if you didn’t already get that by now.

As being a huge advocate for releasing your emotions, I also think there’s a limit. You can’t constantly dwell on the negatives and cry about everything 0r else you will be a constant walking water blob. Take that sadness you feel and know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Life sucks right now, but it can only get better. There’s always a positive that comes out of something negative. If not, just take your ass to Taco Bell and there you have your positive.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love to Cry

  1. I think that crying is healthy and a sign of a broken heart. I think however one must deal with their sadness is different. I feel my broken heart is a bit less dramatic and personal shared with only my intimate friends and family. I do agree we must move forward in life as it is not the end of this world as some of us wait for eternal bliss with our GOD and our loved ones. So I move on by looking up to the grace of GOD in hands with Christ and my prayer for you my daughter will remain the same . HOPE! I love you kiddo keep writing it’s your calling. Dad:)


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